Khanna Bharat Me. (Food in India.) by Sophie Pauken

India is all about diversity. That’s why Indian foods are some of the most interesting and delicious dishes around the world. Indians love spice. A dish is not complete unless it has some kind of “masala” or one in an array of these spices. In India, food is all about love and care. It is the way people show how they feel about someone, how they give of themselves and receive. It’s all about relationships.  It is considered the ultimate God.

Every meal consists of the main food groups you need in a day including, rice, chiapatti and delicious curry known as subzie (this is the Hindi word for vegetables) . One of the best dishes I’ve had is called pakoras. Pakoras are vegentable dipped in batter and fried gloriously to perfection. Common veggies used are onions, potatoes, and zucchini. On rainy, monsoon days, pakoras with a hot cup of chai (tea) will warm you and your heart.

Another famous dish is pani puri. Pani means “water” in Hindi, and puri are a kind of fried, hollow ball. You then have to take your thumb to create a hole in the crispy chip and fill it with chickpeas and spicy waters. One water has tamarind chutney in it and the other has coriander. You can also fill it with onions, peas, potatoes and top it with crispy sev (fried, crunchy pieces of goodness ) This is a typical street food in Maharashtra. It literally pops into your mouth.

Another great aspect of Indian food is how fresh the dishes are. Everywhere you go you can spot fresh fruit and vegetable stands. Some of the stands will even juice the fruit right in front of you to make delicious fruit drinks including pineapple and watermelon. Families buy their fruits and veggies for food made that day and don’t usually have leftovers. Freshness is important.

Indians also love their sweets. One of the best dishes I’ve had so far is kiwi cake and various candies. I think I might have to write another blogpost about the sweets 🙂 Honestly, every day is an adventure in India including the various food items I get to enjoy and taste. This has been one of my favorite and most delectable aspects of this experience. I will miss this khanna (food).

imagejpeg (1)    pani puri

imagejpeg (2)oh my pakoras!

imagejpeg (3)fresh fruit juices

imagejpeg (5) some kind of chocolate grilled sandwich goodnessimagejpeg (6) subzie market

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